2023: Taiwo Akerele Declares For House Of Representatives

Taiwo Akerele, the former Chief of Staff to Edo State Governor Godwin Obaseki, has announced his desire to run for the party’s ticket to represent the people of Akoko-Edo federal seat in the House of Representatives.
Akerele He stated in a statement that he has had the luxury of working “at close range” with key policymakers and that he has the vision and quality to represent his people.
Akerele also stated that his focus will be on the development of human capital in my constituencies as well as the Nigerian state’s macroeconomic performance.
The statement read in part, “In my quest to make inputs into the transformation of the Nigerian political economy, I have been privileged to work at close range with key policy makers and at top level positions I have seen first hand that what Nigeria lack mostly is quality and visionary leadership at all levels.
“Recent and verifiable data shows very clearly that more than 60% of our people are poor due to misplaced priority of the government and weak policy choices.
“In my very eventful service in Government I have conveniently come to the conclusion that there is so much government and government officials can do at all levels to improve the quality of life of the citizenry. The little intervention I made during this period gives credence to this fact. Government has delivered less than expected.
“After careful research, data gathering and diligence analysis of what is available to government (both potentially and reality) and what has been provided to the citizens, government can do so much more to improve the quality of life of the people. Akoko Edo federal constituency is not excempted from this macro scale of inference.
“I strongly believe that with my very strong and well documented experience working with development partners especially the world bank, the European union, the Nigerian government and also serving as chief of staff at senior cabinet level and the academic both at the Lagos Business school and the center for applied economics and think tank level at the center for values in leadership (CVL) I have a very solid foundation, training, exposure and experience to be given the opportunity to serve the people of Akoko edo in the green chamber of the Nigerian national assembly. I offer myself.
“I have bestrode the Nigerian political economy for close to 2 decades now and I have the requisite skills to do justice to the developmental needs of my people having interacted directly with them for the past 4 decades not just as a toddler, as a pupil, student, development activist, banker and community man, but also as a top government official who served with all his heart and dedication to duty with clear results to show.
“Nigerian house of representatives should be populated with intellectuals and men and women of strong character and solid training that will execute their assignments with all sense of dedication, patriotism and enthusiasm and not otherwise.
“If given the mandate I intend to focus on those areas that will help grow the Nigerian economy at least 5% per annum starting with my local federal constituency with small scale industries and at the federal level help advocate for reduce borrowing, budget more for basic education and more investment in commercial agriculture with a view to generating more employment opportunities for our teaming youths.
“Akoko edo is blessed, working with the state government and other key government actors, my focus will be more on encouraging private sector investments in our divine factor endowments which is solid minerals to enable us engage our youths productively.
“I wont be involved in politics of mudslinging and name calling, I call for maturity in engagement and issues based approach ahead of the APC primaries and subsequently the general elections.
Nigeria is ripe for accelerated development and hence only serious minded discussions should dominate the political space as other countries have moved far ahead in major sectors of the economy. Nigeria should be in a hurry to recruit its best brains into the governance process and I am one of the best Nigeria has at the moment.
“If given the chance, not just will Akoko Edo people benefit massively, but the Nigerian state will reap the fruits of its investment in its youths exemplified by men like me whose burning desire to join the progressives to help reinvent the Nigeria of our dreams is made manifest.”