2023: Two Points To Consider After Tanko Yakassi Stated That North Has No Reason To Retain Power

As the general election of 2023 approaches, the region that will pick the next President has become a source of contention.
All hands have been on deck when it comes to this highly sensitive issue.
Many lawmakers from around the country have expressed interest, including those from President Muhammadu Buhari’s home state of Northern Nigeria.
While a number of Northern MPs have expressed interest in running for president, key leaders in the country have highlighted reasons why the Northern area should not be allowed to remain in power.
Tanko Yakassi, a Northern elder statesman, has reacted to the region by retaining power in the upcoming general election. The notable Northerner has chosen to transfer his chairmanship to another region.
Former Senate President Bukola Saraki, former Governor of Kano State Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso, Governor of Sokoto State Aminu Tambuwal, and former Vice President Abubakar Atiku have all expressed interest in the presidency ahead of the general election.
In response to the idea of a Northerner ruling again, Tanko Yakassi stated that it is not fair. Despite the fact that he is not a member of any political party, he believes it will be unjust to the South if the North returns to power.
According to the notable Northerner, he has no idea what politicians who have declared interest in the presidency will say to Nigerians.
He inquired as to what they will tell Nigerians who have benefited or will profit from their ballots. He inquired as to what the North had accomplished in the previous six or seven years, as well as what the leadership had done for the people.
He revealed that his motivation for getting involved in politics has always been about justice.
There are two things to note regarding the Northern Statesman’ s comment. He made several good comments regarding zoning the presidency, in my opinion.
To begin with, many of the politicians who have called for the president to be zoned have made the same point about the country’ s justice.
It is critical that all parts of the country have a fair chance to participate in the country’ s leadership, which certain Northern leaders have failed to recognize.
Second, another area should be given the chance to run the country in order to examine how the country’ s many difficulties might be addressed.
When the current President leaves office in 2023, after eight years in office, it will be time for new ideas and hands at the helm of the country’ s affairs, in my opinion.
The Northern area, in my opinion, needs to reason with Tanko Yakassi’ s stance.