Ben Murray-Bruce Loses Mum

He found satisfaction in knowing that he gave his mother all the care he could during her lifetime, according to a statement he personally signed.
“Life,” the statement read. Today it’s here, tomorrow it’s gone, like sand in the wind. My mother has passed away.
She died this morning at 4.40 a.m.
She’s gone—my inestimable gem, my support system, my greatest friend, my everything.
“My consolation is that I gave her not just everything money could buy throughout her existence, but most significantly, I gave her my presence, my time, and my all.”
“On uncountable occasions, I will go to her house to hug her and play with her for no reason but love, the kind that only sons share with their mums.
I love you, mum, and I miss you.
This one hurts so bad. Forever yours.”