KIVUTHA KIBWANA does the unimaginable to his Deputy, ADELINA MWAU, for joining RUTO’s UDA – Look! She didn’t deserve this!

Tuesday, February 1, 2022 – Makueni Governor Kivutha Kibwana has fired his Deputy, Adelina Mwau, from the health department.
This was confirmed by Adelina Mwau herself, who revealed that she was demoted after she joined Deputy President William Ruto’s UDA Party.
Addressing the media on Monday, Mwau stated that she received a letter from the county government informing her that she was no longer in charge of the county’s health docket.
She accused Governor Kivutha Kibwana of intimidating her, adding that some of her staff were also withdrawn from her office.
Mwau joined Deputy President Willian Ruto’s camp on January 25, days after Kibwana announced that he would support former Prime Minister Raila Odinga’s presidential bid.
“I got a letter stating that I am no longer the Minister of Health in the county. My staff who were working in the communication office were also taken away.”
“That is intimidation and the governor is well known in the world as a protector of human rights,” she stated
Mwau added that she was surprised by the actions of her boss, stating that her demotion would taint the image of the governor.
She expressed that she had executed her mandate as required and had only missed one cabinet meeting.
“We were together when we were fighting for the 2010 constitution which has given us freedom.
“I am still working for Makueni. I have not moved to Nairobi or any other county.”
“Last week we had a cabinet meeting and I gave my apologies.
I know that there is another meeting tomorrow and I will attend it.
When I am called upon, I will attend because I offered to work as the DG until the end,” Mwau stated.
Additionally, she defended her move to the UDA party, stating that it was her democratic right.
She noted that she would still be professional in executing her mandate despite decamping to UDA.
Mwau stated that it was wrong to be punished because of her political stand further using the analogy of a married couple worshipping in different churches.