Monogamy is hypocrisy, churches should allow men to marry more than one wife

Apostle Richard Ankomah alias Tiger 88, the founder and pastor of Panel Mighty Chapel in Ghana, has called monogamy “hypocrisy.”
Apostle Ankomah, claiming that monogamy is unbiblical, advised churches to enable financially stable male members to marry multiple wives.
Monogamy, he asserted, is one of the things that sends most people to hell because it pushes most married men to have extramarital affairs since they can’t be polygamous.
Having an extramarital romance in secrecy, according to the Ghanaian clergyman, is more riskier.
According to Apostle Ankomah, a large number of women are frustrated because of their single status, because they outnumber the men in terms of population.
He said in a recent interview with Nana Peprah; “My brother, let us be very frank to ourselves that most of these women who have been praying for husbands are not getting a response, and the fact is that the men are limited.
My fellow men of God know these things I’m saying are very true but they pretend as if all is well.
“Why do we tie ourselves with biblical quotes and fail to do the needful? Let me tell you, Paul’s advice he gave to the Corinthians was a mere opinion. He’s a human being like us. He never even got married.”