Nigeria tackle oil bunkering due to security agencies complicity Nyesom Wike

Nyesom Wike, the governor of Rivers State, has blamed the Federal Government’s failure to combat oil bunkering on the alleged cooperation of its security services.
According to Wike, the country’s difficulties are caused by a lack of solid leadership committed to national progress.
On Tuesday, February 1, Wike was paid a courtesy call at Government House in Port Harcourt by members of the Nigeria Army Resource Centre’s Strategic Management and Policy Studies Course 4/2021, led by Major General James. G.K. Myam.
“Go and see what we have done. It’s to show leadership.
The Federal Government could not stop oil bunkering here because security men were involved.
Police was involved, Civil Defence was involved, Army was involved, Navy was involved.
So, nobody would be able to stand firm to end it.
“Look at the sabotage of the national economy of Nigeria through illegal oil bunkering.
Look at the soot, Rivers people were dying, but we said no we will not allow this again and we took the bull by the horns.
”The governor explained that he had to personally visit some of the illegal oil refining sites noting he won’t condone the activities of those endangering the health of residents of the State and sabotaging the national economy.
“Leadership is key. There is nothing wrong with Nigeria other than leadership. The ability to take decision and implement that decision..