Facebook Group Where Abeokuta Teenagers Learnt Money Ritual

The Facebook group where Soliu Majekodunmi, an Abeokuta teen who murdered his girlfriend Sofiyah, learned how to perform money rituals has been discovered.
The suspect told Naija News on Monday that he learned the technique on Facebook.
Soliu claims he googled ” how to make money ritual” and found a link instructing him to behead and burn a female skull in a local pot.
Suspects: Wariz Oladeinde, Abdulgafar Lukman, Mustakeem Balogun, and Soliu Majekodunmi, the boyfriend of the slain girl
The four accused admitted that one of them summoned the victim to his home, and they conspired to murder and sever her head for a money ritual. An observant member witnessed the culprits roasting the head in a black pot and called the cops.
In a recent story by a Yoruba news station, one of the accused revealed how they learned about the customary method.
They learned about the rite through a Facebook community, where they were told to use a human head. According to the suspect, the process instructed them to burn the skull and powder it, which they began consuming with milk every day in order to become wealthy.
He claimed they were on the verge of burning their heads when they were apprehended.
Over 27 thousand Nigerians joined the Facebook group ” Ogun Owo ati Osole todaju” to learn how to perform money rituals by decapitating a human head.
The group’ s feature image is of prepared cuisine inside a local dish.
It is a public organization with a membership of over 27, 000 people. Imagine the number of people searching for ways to make money illegally and through the killing of their fellow humans.
I feel that this confession from one of the suspects has provided an answer to the question of who provided them with the money ceremonial method. The uninitiated suspects apparently learned their procedure from a Facebook community. Is it time for the country to enact severe social media policies? Leave a comment below with your thoughts.