‘The Wife’ season finale: Zandile’s rescued Qhawe and Hlomu’s fling

Showmax’s telenovela The Wife surprised fans with its closing moments when Hlomu Zulu confirmed her affair with her ex-boyfriend – Sandile in front of her husband’s brothers and revealed her miscarriage.
SPOILER ALERT: Stop reading unless you have seen the season finale of The Wife this morning (3 February).
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The Wife fans will be dissatisfied with Hlomu’s personality after Sandile’s death and when she exposes her husband – Mqhele’s dark secret in front of the Zulu brothers and sleeps with Qhawe.
The writers of the novella ended the show how it began – with a heist and they appropriately titled it The Heist.
Except for this time, the brothers are not stealing money but releasing Nkosana’s jailbird wife – Zandile played by Khanyi Mbau.
They also tied up all the loose ends by killing Hlomu’s ex-boyfriend – Sandile and Nqoba’s mistress – Palesa at the end of the story.
Mbali Mavimbela’s character Hlomu spends the episode wrestling with her pain.
She is unrecognisable in the season finale – from the sweet-smiling Hlomu we met at the beginning of the story to an attempted murderer.
Hlomu threatens to knife her husband to death in one scene and blames him for their baby’s death.
She is mourning her baby and her ex-boyfriend who gets killed by her husband.
Mqhele found out last week that she was having an affair with Sandile but only finds out today why Hlomu betrayed him.


The Zulu brothers pride themselves in having each other’s backs – which means they always look after their own and take care of their women.
Therefore, they are just as heartbroken as Hlomu when they learn that Mqhele killed his unborn child when he physically and emotionally abused her and caused her miscarriage.
Mqhele’s reaction to her miscarriage was so cleverly delivered by the talented Bonko Khoza that you almost wanna hug him through your screen.
He gets a mini heart attack and you can see him wishing he was dead instead of his baby.
He looks at his hands and is convinced there’s blood in them, throws himself onto the floor and sobs.
It takes his older brother Nkosana to snap him out of his pain and get back to reality.
They have to rescue Zandile out of jail since Mandisa burned all the money and killed Palesa.


Readers of the book are furious with this ending because it’s not as scripted in the book.
The most shocking twist for them was Qhawe and Hlomu’s sex scene in Mqhele’s bed and Langa finding them in bed together.
Hlomu transforms into her husband in that scene as she makes love to Qhawe the way Mqhele does.