Three Major Things Wike Said When He Was Asked Whether He Would Run For Presidency In 2023

As the presidential election of 2023 approaches, various political groups are already preparing to run. Some members of the All Progressive Congress (APC) and the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) have already expressed interest in running.
Recall, While some PDP politicians have also declared interest to run for Presidency, there are still speculations that the Governor of Rivers State, Nyelson Wike may also join the race.
Wike is one of the most influential politicians in PDP, and this probably is why many people believe that he may run for Presidency in 2023.
In this, many people have been waiting and expecting to know Wike’ s mind concerning the 2023 presidency, but it seems he still prefers to keep his plan secrets for now.
Recall, A recent interview with the Channels Tv tried to know what could be Wike’ s plan for the presidential race, but he still preferred not to open up.
During the interview, Wike was asked whether he would be contesting for Presidency in 2023, but he decided not to provide a direct answer to the question, he rather chose to provide logical answers to it.
While addressing the question, Wike made some statements of which I was able to take note of about 3 of them:
He Works With A Team
One of the things Wike said when he was asked whether he would run for Presidency, was that he wouldn’ t make the decision alone.
Wike pointed out that he works with a team, and would need to sit down with his team and review everything before deciding whether to run for Presidency or not.
He Supports Southern Presidency Agenda
Another thing Wike said was that he supports the demand of the Southern Governors’ Forum for the presidency to come to the South in 2023.
It Is Not Automatical That Presidency Would Go To The South
While addressing the question, Wike also pointed out that the fact the national chairmanship was zoned to the North did not mean it was automatic that the Presidency would go to the South. He said the PDP would meet and take a decision on the Presidency.
This was quite contrary to some people’ s views. Some people have thought that since the national chairman of PDP emerged from the North, the party would zone the presidential ticket to the South.