“Together Forever”- Junior Pope Says As He And His Beautiful Wife Serve Couple Goals To Celebrate The New Month

The majority of people consider February to be a month of love and pleasure.
It’s that time of year when many people, especially couples, reach out to their spouses to express their gratitude.
The new month of February has officially begun, and many individuals have gone to their timelines to celebrate it in the nicest way possible.
Many of our Nigerian celebs aren’t exempt from this, as they appear to be in high spirits with their new love.
Actor Junior Pope is one of the celebs who has taken the time to express his thankfulness for being alive this month.
Few moments ago, he shared lovely photos where he and his beautiful wife served us couple goals.
They are looking so amazing in the matching outfits which they rocked with black sneakers.
The photos look so cute as they seem to be enjoying every moment of the day.
They are both smiling and holding each other in different positions to express their love for each other.
The woman whom the Nollywood actor always refer to as ” the envy of all women” seems to be enjoying every minute with her lovely husband.
Who wouldn’ t be, when Junior Pope would always flaunt her around in grand style while showering her with so much praises.
With the way which he treats her like a queen, she is no doubt the envy of all women.
However, the Nollywood actor has also penned down a caption which reads ” together forever” .
They are said to be one of a kind couple and people admire them a lot.
The new post which Junior Pope shared has gotten so many of his fans and followers reacting in different ways including his fellow celebrities.
Many of them have written nice comments about the post, while praising Junior Pope for always being the person behind his lovely wife’ s smile.
This couple is blessed with three sons already. Isn’ t God wonderful? .
Well, we wish him and his adorable wife a happy new month of love.