David Goffin Slams French Open Fans for Alleged Spitting Incident During Epic First-Round Victory

David Goffin Slams French Open Fans for Alleged Spitting Incident During Epic First-Round Victory

Belgian tennis player David Goffin has raised serious concerns about the conduct of fans at the French Open after alleging that he was subjected to disrespectful behavior during his first-round match against Giovanni Mpetshi Perricard.

Despite emerging victorious in a grueling five-set encounter lasting three hours and 35 minutes, Goffin expressed frustration over the treatment he received from spectators at Roland Garros.

Goffin’s Experience

Following his hard-fought win over Perricard, Goffin addressed the media and revealed that he felt compelled to gesture to the crowd by holding his hands to his ears in response to the alleged insults directed at him throughout the match.

Expressing his dismay, Goffin emphasized that the level of disrespect he encountered from the audience was unacceptable, likening the atmosphere to that of a football match marred by hooliganism and unruly behavior.

Concerns Over Fan Behavior

Goffin highlighted specific incidents, including someone reportedly spitting chewing gum at him, which he described as disturbing and potentially destabilizing.

The tennis star lamented the deteriorating atmosphere at Roland Garros, suggesting that certain spectators were more interested in causing trouble than contributing positively to the sporting event.

He expressed concern that such behavior could escalate, leading to further disruptions and conflicts in the stands.

Perricard’s Perspective

In contrast to Goffin’s experience, Perricard, the opponent in the contentious match, praised the support he received from the crowd, emphasizing the positive impact it had on his performance.

Unaware of the alleged spitting incident, Perricard expressed gratitude for the encouragement he received from spectators, attributing it to his resilience during critical moments in the match.

Broader Implications

Goffin’s criticism extends beyond his personal experience, as he suggested that other tennis players and officials have voiced similar concerns about the atmosphere at the French Open.

He underscored the need for action to address the issue of disrespect and misconduct among fans, indicating that such incidents are not commonplace at other Grand Slam tournaments like Wimbledon, the Australian Open, or the US Open.

Call for Action

Amidst growing discontent among players and officials, Goffin urged tournament organizers and governing bodies to take decisive measures to improve spectator behavior and uphold the integrity of the sport.

The incident at Roland Garros serves as a reminder of the importance of maintaining a respectful and supportive environment for athletes to compete in, free from harassment and hostility.


The controversy surrounding fan behavior at the French Open highlights the challenges faced by organizers in ensuring a positive and inclusive atmosphere for all participants.

As tennis authorities address the concerns raised by Goffin and others, efforts to promote sportsmanship and respect among spectators remain essential to the integrity and enjoyment of professional tennis tournaments.