Dwight Yorke Criticizes Rasmus Hojlund’s Impact at Manchester United and Offers Insights on Improvement

Dwight Yorke Criticizes Rasmus Hojlund’s Impact at Manchester United and Offers Insights on Improvement

Football legend Dwight Yorke has expressed critical views on Rasmus Hojlund’s performance at Manchester United, stating that the young striker lacks the fear factor that previous United forwards possessed.

Yorke, who won the Treble with United in the 1998-99 season, shared his thoughts on Hojlund’s challenges and potential during an interview, providing a detailed analysis of the young player’s current struggles and future prospects.

Yorke’s Critique of Hojlund

Yorke believes that Hojlund, at 21, does not instill fear in defenders, making it easier for them to play against him.

Reflecting on his own experience and the legacy of United’s formidable strikers like Wayne Rooney, Ruud van Nistelrooy, and Eric Cantona, Yorke suggested that Hojlund does not measure up to the high standards set by his predecessors.

“The fear of playing against Rooney, Van Nistelrooy, Yorke, Cole, Mark Hughes is gone. And now you’ve got Rasmus. It’s nowhere near the level,” Yorke remarked, emphasizing the stark contrast.

Sympathy for Hojlund

Despite his criticism, Yorke also expressed sympathy for Hojlund, acknowledging the heavy burden placed on the young striker. Hojlund’s debut season has seen him score 16 goals, a notable achievement given the underperformance of the current United squad.

Yorke pointed out the difficulties Hojlund faces, including the high expectations set by a £72 million transfer fee from Atalanta and joining a team that has struggled significantly in the Premier League era.

Challenges and Comparisons

Yorke highlighted the significant challenges Hojlund faces, particularly when compared to past United forwards who had established themselves with prolific scoring records before joining the club. “He’s relatively unknown.

He comes into the Premier League, and I’d never heard of him,” Yorke said.

He noted that forwards like Cristiano Ronaldo, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, and Edinson Cavani brought extensive experience and proven track records, making Hojlund’s task even more daunting.

The Burden of Expectations

Hojlund’s situation is further complicated by the expectation that he would not bear the full burden of United’s goal-scoring needs, given Marcus Rashford’s impressive 30-goal season.

However, Hojlund has had to step up significantly, scoring twice off the bench in recent games and aiming to make a mark in the FA Cup final.

Yorke rated Hojlund’s season as a 5 out of 10, recognizing his efforts but also acknowledging the luck involved in some of his goals.

Yorke’s Insights on Improvement

Yorke offered insights on how Hojlund could improve his game. He emphasized the importance of adapting his style of play, particularly in how he positions himself and interacts with defenders.

“As a striker, you can demand the ball and get hold of it. Playing with your back to goal is probably the hardest position in football,” Yorke explained.

He stressed the need for Hojlund to be smarter with his movements and runs, avoiding physical battles with defenders and focusing on clever positioning.

The Role of Coaching

Yorke highlighted the crucial role of coaching in Hojlund’s development. He pointed out that with proper guidance, Hojlund could learn to make more effective runs and improve his overall play.

“We have a striker coach (Benni McCarthy)! That’s what they’re there for. To take 10 minutes after training to implement those ideas,” Yorke said.

He emphasized the importance of regular, focused training sessions to help Hojlund refine his skills and better understand his role as a striker.

Long-Term Prospects

Yorke acknowledged the broader challenges facing Manchester United and the patience required to turn the club around.

Sir Jim Ratcliffe, a lifelong United fan and owner of INEOS, has recognized that rebuilding the team will take time.

Ratcliffe’s emphasis on long-term health and sustainable development for the club aligns with Yorke’s view that Hojlund, and other players, need time and proper training to reach their full potential.


Dwight Yorke’s critique of Rasmus Hojlund offers a blend of criticism and constructive advice, reflecting the high expectations at Manchester United.

While Hojlund’s debut season has shown promise, Yorke believes that with proper guidance and adaptation, the young striker can overcome his current challenges and become a formidable force for United.

The emphasis on coaching, strategic positioning, and long-term development highlights the path forward for Hojlund and Manchester United as they aim to return to their former glory.

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