Four Candidates Shortlisted for Chelsea’s Managerial Post

Four Candidates Shortlisted for Chelsea’s Managerial Post

Chelsea has narrowed down their search for a new head coach to four promising candidates. The Premier League club is now considering Ipswich’s Kieran McKenna, Leicester’s Enzo Maresca, Brentford’s Thomas Frank, and a fourth mystery candidate.

The urgency to find a replacement for Mauricio Pochettino is high, with the aim to have a new head coach in place by early June.

This search is being meticulously led by Chelsea’s sporting directors, Paul Winstanley and Laurence Stewart.

The Shortlist

Chelsea’s shortlist features a blend of managerial talents:

Kieran McKenna: The 38-year-old Ipswich manager has drawn interest from not just Chelsea, but also Manchester United and Brighton.

McKenna’s impressive feat of leading Ipswich from League One to the Premier League has made him a desirable candidate. However, Ipswich is eager to retain him and is prepared to offer a new deal to secure his services.

Enzo Maresca: The 44-year-old manager of Leicester also finds himself in the spotlight. Having led Leicester to the top flight, Maresca’s connection with Manchester City, where he previously worked with Joe Shields, Chelsea’s director of recruitment and talent, adds to his appeal. However, like McKenna, he lacks Premier League managerial experience.

Thomas Frank: The 50-year-old Brentford manager stands out with his Premier League experience.

Chelsea has already hired his Brentford set-piece specialist Bernardo Cueva, indicating a potential inclination towards Frank. His proven track record in the Premier League could give him an edge over the other candidates.

Mystery Candidate: The fourth candidate remains undisclosed, adding an element of intrigue. A recent poll conducted by a Chelsea fan account on social media showed significant support for this mystery candidate, receiving 63.7% of the 12,500 votes cast.

This suggests that many supporters are looking for a surprise appointment who might bring fresh ideas and success.

Evaluation Criteria

Chelsea’s approach to selecting their new head coach involves a thorough and data-driven process.

The club is looking for a “progressive” manager who can deliver attacking football on the pitch and align with their strategic vision off it.

This involves nurturing a squad of young, talented players to secure long-term success.

The comprehensive search underscores Chelsea’s commitment to finding the perfect fit for their unique environment.

The Urgency and Pressure

The pressure on Winstanley and Stewart is immense. Chelsea’s recent signings have struggled to meet expectations, increasing the urgency to appoint a manager who can turn things around.

Additionally, there is a sense of haste as Manchester United might soon enter the managerial market if they decide to part ways with Erik ten Hag after the FA Cup final against Manchester City.

Historical Context

The club’s recent history has seen frequent managerial changes, with the latest departure being Mauricio Pochettino after just 11 months in charge.

Chelsea’s owners have spent the last two years building a squad of promising young players, aiming for sustainable success.

However, Pochettino’s tenure did not yield the desired results, particularly the failure to secure Champions League qualification.

The Candidates’ Backgrounds

Kieran McKenna: Admired by multiple top clubs, McKenna’s youth and potential make him a strong candidate.

His rapid rise with Ipswich showcases his ability to lead a team through challenging competitions, making him an attractive option for Chelsea’s future ambitions.

Enzo Maresca: Known for his tactical acumen, Maresca’s experience with Manchester City’s setup could bring a fresh perspective to Chelsea. His familiarity with top-flight football, albeit not as a head coach in the Premier League, could be beneficial for the club’s strategic goals.

Thomas Frank: With a solid track record in the Premier League, Frank offers stability and experience. His existing connection with Chelsea through Bernardo Cueva may facilitate a smoother transition, should he be appointed.


Chelsea’s meticulous search for a new head coach reflects their commitment to returning to the top of English and European football.

The blend of candidates, ranging from promising young managers to experienced Premier League tacticians, demonstrates the club’s strategic approach.

As the search intensifies, the anticipation among fans and the football community grows, awaiting the next chapter in Chelsea’s storied history.

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