Heightened Security Measures for T20 World Cup in New York Amid Terrorism Fears

Heightened Security Measures for T20 World Cup in New York Amid Terrorism Fears

As the T20 World Cup kicks off in New York, security has been significantly ramped up following recent terrorist threats. Covert police snipers will be stationed at the tournament’s first match on Monday, where South Africa faces Sri Lanka, amidst concerns of potential attacks.

Terrorist Threats and Graphic Poster

The increased security comes in response to a chilling poster released by a pro-ISIS outlet. The graphic features a hooded man with a rifle and ominous text stating, “You wait for the matches… And we wait for you…” written in dripping blood-red letters.

The poster references June 9 at “Nassau Stadium,” coinciding with the high-profile match between India and Pakistan.

The imagery included drones flying over the stadium and a ticking dynamite, heightening fears of an attack.

Response from Authorities

Despite the alarming nature of the poster, US authorities have not elevated the official threat level. A spokesperson for the International Cricket Council (ICC) assured that safety and security are top priorities, with a comprehensive and robust security plan in place.

However, BBC Sport reported on Monday that the Nassau County Police Department has tightened security measures. These include deploying SWAT teams with specialist snipers and plain clothes police officers on the ground.

Specific Security Measures

In addition to snipers and undercover officers, officers from the narcotics division will monitor the four drop-in pitches, which were grown in Australia, to prevent any sabotage.

The T20 tournament, running from June 1 to June 29, spans venues in the United States and the Caribbean, with eight matches hosted at a newly-erected temporary stadium in Eisenhower Park, 30 miles east of Manhattan.

High-Profile Matches and Public Reassurance

One of the most anticipated matches of the group stages is the clash between India and Pakistan at the sold-out Nassau County International Cricket Stadium, which can accommodate 34,000 spectators. The ICC has previously downplayed fears of a terrorist threat but remains vigilant.

In response to circulating online threats, Trinidad & Tobago’s Prime Minister Keith Rowley emphasized the ongoing danger of terrorism in the 21st century, acknowledging the challenges in completely preventing such threats.

Statements from Officials

Prime Minister Rowley highlighted the importance of local and regional security efforts: “Given the fact that bad actors can choose to misbehave in any way possible, it makes it virtually impossible to completely seal off all opportunities.

However, we remain alert to many threats and have our intelligence and other security agencies working to protect the population in countries and at venues throughout the tournament.”

ICC and CWI’s Joint Statement

The ICC and Cricket West Indies (CWI) have not confirmed that the threats originated from the Islamic State. Nonetheless, they released a joint statement affirming their commitment to safety: “We work closely with authorities in the host countries and cities, and continually monitor and evaluate the global landscape to ensure appropriate plans are in place to mitigate any risks identified to our event.

We want to assure all stakeholders that the safety and security of everyone at the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup is our number one priority, and we have a comprehensive and robust security plan in place.”


As the T20 World Cup commences under heightened security, authorities and organizers are taking extensive measures to ensure the safety of all participants and spectators.

While the threat of terrorism remains an ever-present concern, the robust security plans aim to provide a secure environment for the thrilling cricket matches ahead.