Meet the Women Behind the 2024 Premier League Darts Finalists

Meet the Women Behind the 2024 Premier League Darts Finalists

As the 2024 Premier League Darts season draws to a thrilling climax, four formidable competitors have emerged from the fray to contend for the coveted title.

Teen sensation Luke Littler, reigning world champion Luke Humphries, seasoned veteran Michael Van Gerwen, and former world champion Michael Smith are poised to battle it out in the playoffs, promising an electrifying spectacle for darts enthusiasts worldwide.

Amidst the intense competition, these players will be buoyed by the unwavering support of their partners, adding an extra dimension of excitement to the proceedings.

Playoff Format and Expectations

The playoff stage, set to unfold at the iconic O2 Arena in London on Thursday, May 23, will feature two semi-final matchups followed by the grand final.

The semi-finals, contested over the best of 19 legs, will see the top-ranked player face off against the fourth-ranked contender, while the second-ranked player will take on the third-ranked opponent.

With the stakes at an all-time high, anticipation is rife among fans, who eagerly await the thrilling showdowns that will determine the ultimate champion.

Partners in the Spotlight: Introducing the Wags

As the darts elite gear up for the playoff showdown, their devoted partners, affectionately known as “Wags,” are poised to lend their unwavering support from the sidelines.

Let’s take a closer look at the remarkable women who stand by the sides of the four finalists, each bringing their unique charm and presence to the darts arena.

Eloise Milburn – Luke Littler’s Girlfriend

Eloise Milburn, the girlfriend of rising star Luke Littler, embodies grace and talent in equal measure.

Their serendipitous romance blossomed over shared interests in darts and gaming, culminating in a whirlwind romance that has captured the hearts of fans.

Beyond her role as a supportive partner, the 21-year-old beauty consultant from Surrey showcases her multifaceted talents, including a penchant for amateur darts and a passion for musical theater.

With her infectious enthusiasm and undeniable charm, Milburn is sure to be a source of inspiration for Littler as he vies for victory on the grand stage.

Kayley Jones – Luke Humphries’ Partner

Luke Humphries, the reigning world champion, finds solace and strength in the steadfast presence of Kayley Jones, his devoted partner and proud mother of their two children.

Hailing from Cheshire, Jones exudes quiet elegance and resilience, opting to maintain a low profile while wholeheartedly supporting Humphries’ illustrious career.

Despite her understated demeanor, Jones’ unwavering love and support serve as a pillar of strength for Humphries as he navigates the pressures of professional darts.

Daphne Van Gerwen – Michael Van Gerwen’s Wife

In the realm of darts royalty, Michael Van Gerwen’s reign is complemented by the unwavering support of his beloved wife, Daphne.

Since tying the knot in 2014, the couple has embarked on a remarkable journey, marked by shared triumphs and cherished moments with their two children.

A former hairdresser turned social media influencer, Daphne captivates audiences with her glamorous lifestyle and global adventures, providing a glimpse into the world of one of darts’ most illustrious figures.

Dagmara Smith – Wife of Michael Smith

Michael Smith, affectionately known as the “bully boy” in darting circles, finds solace and strength in the enduring bond he shares with his wife, Dagmara.

Together since 2019, the couple shares a profound love for each other and their two sons, who often accompany them to darts tournaments.

A talented artist and entrepreneur, Dagmara’s creative pursuits and entrepreneurial spirit mirror Smith’s tenacity and drive on the darts stage, underscoring their shared journey towards success.

Conclusion: A Night of Drama and Determination

As the curtain rises on the 2024 Premier League Darts playoffs, the spotlight shines not only on the players but also on their steadfast partners, whose unwavering support and love serve as a source of inspiration and motivation.

With the semifinals and final poised to deliver riveting action and suspense, fans can expect an unforgettable evening of darts prowess and camaraderie, fueled by the passion and dedication of all those involved.

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