WWE’s Tegan Nox Reflects on Injury Struggles and Mental Health Journey Amid NXT Stint

WWE’s Tegan Nox Reflects on Injury Struggles and Mental Health Journey Amid NXT Stint

Tegan Nox, once a premier star in WWE’s NXT, faced a significant setback in 2018 when a devastating leg injury put her wrestling career on hold.

Suffering a torn ACL MCL, lateral collateral ligament, meniscus, and patella dislocation, she endured a challenging rehabilitation process, navigating both physical and mental hurdles along the way.

Supportive Community

In an exclusive interview with Mail Sport, Nox revealed the crucial support she received from fellow wrestler Rhea Ripley during her rehabilitation phase.

Despite experiencing some of the lowest points in her career, Ripley’s unwavering friendship and encouragement played a pivotal role in Nox’s journey back to the ring.

Nox emphasized Ripley’s compassionate nature, highlighting her genuine concern for mental health issues and her steadfast support during challenging times.

High Hopes for the Future

Nox remains optimistic about her future in wrestling, expressing her admiration for Triple H, the mastermind behind NXT’s success.

With Triple H now at the helm following Vince McMahon’s departure, Nox lauds his leadership style and personal investment in nurturing talent.

Describing Triple H as a mentor figure who understands each wrestler’s strengths and weaknesses, Nox credits him for playing a significant role in her career resurgence after her initial release from WWE.

Wrestling Community Camaraderie

Inside the ring, Nox’s competitive spirit extends beyond wrestling matches to gaming sessions, where she enjoys friendly competition with fellow wrestlers like Shayna Baszler.

Recounting a memorable victory over Baszler in a WWE 2K24 match, Nox humorously reflects on her gaming triumphs, showcasing a different aspect of camaraderie and competition within the wrestling community.

Triple H’s Influence and Nox’s Aspirations

As Nox navigates her wrestling journey, she remains grateful for Triple H’s guidance and the supportive wrestling community that surrounds her.

From overcoming career setbacks to embracing new challenges, Nox embodies resilience and determination, embodying the spirit of perseverance that defines many wrestlers’ careers.

With her sights set on future success, Nox’s journey serves as an inspiration to aspiring wrestlers and fans alike, demonstrating the transformative power of passion, perseverance, and unwavering support within the wrestling world.