TV Presenter Rylan Clark Reveals Terrifying Assault: Woke Up in Ambulance with Fractured Skull After Homophobic Attack in ‘Rylan: Homophobia, Football, and Me’ Documentary

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Rylan Clark, known for his TV presenting, shared a troubling incident from his youth in his latest documentary, “Rylan: Homophobia, Football, and Me.”
He recounted facing anti-gay insults while trying to join in football games, causing him confusion and hurt.
These experiences, combined with his love for the Spice Girls and dancing, made him a target for bullies.
Traumatic Attack
One particularly traumatic incident occurred at a local park, where Clark was assaulted while on the swings.
He vividly remembered being thrown to the ground and kicked in the head, resulting in waking up in the back of an ambulance with a fractured skull.
Finding Strength and Understanding
Despite the trauma, Clark expressed a complex sentiment of almost being glad for the attack, as it taught him the importance of treating others with kindness.

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He also discussed how he sees his public persona of Rylan as a form of protection, like an armor.
Football and Uncomfortable Realizations
Clark, a West Ham fan, discussed his love for football but admitted feeling uncomfortable around some spectators due to the language and insults used.
He shared that as he became more well-known, these experiences became more challenging.
Hope for Change
Through his documentary, Clark aims to highlight the inclusivity of football, emphasizing that it should be enjoyable for everyone, regardless of sexual orientation.
He interviews fans, players, and others involved in the football world to discuss how the sport can become more welcoming.
Support from the Football Community
Manchester United star Rio Ferdinand, who appears in the documentary, expressed his support for Clark and condemned discrimination in all forms.

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He acknowledged his past use of insensitive language and expressed a willingness to learn and change.
Documentary Premiere and Availability
“Rylan: Homophobia, Football, and Me” premiered on Feb 13 on TNT Sports 1 and is available to stream on Discovery+.
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